The Vault – XBank Amsterdam

The Vault - XBank Amsterdam
Spui 1721012 VT, AmsterdamNoord-Holland, The Netherlands

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Welcome to THE VAULT, the creative space that is located in the centre of Amsterdam, inside the historical ex-KAS bank building, which is recently transformed in the luxury W Amsterdam hotel. THE VAULT is perfect for gatherings, brand presentations, launching your latest products, photo shoots or brainstormsessions. What makes THE VAULT extra special is the eight beamers that create an immersive 270 degree experience, giving yourcreative mind the digital freedom it desires.THE VAULT is located on the ground floor of the building, right underneath and part of X BANK – The vault of Dutch talent.X BANK is an active store, exhibition hall, installation gallery, and meeting point for anything and everything in cutting edge fashion, design, and art.The foundation is based on our customer’s demand for innovation, interest in the purest representation, and growth in the original purchase.The 700m2 incubator space continuously changes by nurturing the Dutch art, fashion and design community through embracing young talent, giving artists a platform, inspiring events and a unique artist in residence location.

X BANK’s 67 m2 high tech Vault is a fully adaptable space with modern capabilities.Whether it’s an annual meeting, business launch or reception, every gathering in the world’s most creative capital deserves a venue that’s equally imaginative. The Vault packed its space with all the essentials you need, state-of-the-art high definition technology, surround soundsystems and an impressive 270 projector.We offer excellent personalized service and exquisite design to satisfy every requirement. No matter how big or small yourrequest. We can make you a tailor made offer.WE OFFER• 67m2 of high tech event space• State of the art equipment including 280 degree projectors• Exclusive food & drinks• Free WiFi offers you a free and comfortable search for conference hotels in Amsterdam. Here you will find the most popular conference hotels which Amsterdam has to offer and which you can request directly online with the best conditions available.

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