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Search for the best conference hotels Geneva has to offer

We understand your conferencing needs and therefore recommend you to look for conference hotels as a venue for your meetings and conferences. We take pride in providing free conference hotel searching services to our clients. We facilitate you by frequently updating nonbinding offers provided by conference hotels in various cities. We love Geneva and if you share the same feelings then why not give the conference hotels Geneva has a try! We are sure that you will not be disappointed. However before moving on to the discussion of the conference hotels, we would like to list some facts and information regarding Geneva which will help you in making the right choice.

Information regarding Geneva

Geneva is a global Swiss city ranked at the 2nd place according to its population as compared to the rest of the cities of Switzerland. It plays a vital role in world’s diplomatic policies as it is home to the Red Cross organization and a number of agencies working under the banner of United Nations. Being the 9th most important financial center, Geneva also has its presence in world’s financial and business matters via the great number of international organizations that it possesses. The city is known for its ancient buildings including churches and museums. Other skyscrapers and organizational buildings attract tourists from around the world. It has one international airport; Geneva Cointrin International Airport and a wide network of inter-city railways which keep the city transport smooth throughout the year. Recently, its full electric buses have also gained much name.

Other popular destinations besides Geneva are Zurich, Paris, Rome, Vienna or Munich.

Why choose conference hotels in Geneva?

The conference hotels Geneva has are 10 in number and are listed on our website. They are a perfect venue for a variety of your meetings and other events. The two 5-star conference hotels in Geneva Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva and Hotel InterContinental Geneva are the main source of attraction amongst the business community. These conference rooms have all the facilities needed for your conferences. They have ample space to accommodate your guests. You can easily pick the best ones for you according to the theme and purpose of your meeting. Top class services and modern infrastructure point out towards the high quality of these hotels. In addition to its normal services, professionals are there at the venue to help you out in every possible way. Your guests feel at home with the accommodation and transport services by the conference hotels Geneva offers. They do not have to go through the hassle of finding public transport for travelling around the city.

Online reservation of a conference hotel in Geneva

With our online reservation system, you can reserve a conference hotel in Geneva without any difficulty. All you need to do is check out the details for each of the hotels, compare them, and send in your questions and requirements. In an hour’s time you will receive proposals from the different conference hotels. After carefully looking at the proposal, you can select one and reserve online!