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Search for the best conference hotels Lisbon has to offer

In order to discuss international, regional and national issues conferences are conducted. Some are organized at a larger scale with hundreds of participants while others are amongst a small group of members.
Whether it’s a large or a small conference you are planning for, conference hotels are a preferred venue. You can expect the ambience, technology and comfort ability you need for a conference from such hotels.
Conference hotels not only take care of your conference needs and preferences but their staff is also trained to assist you and making your conference top-class.
If you are deciding upon organizing your next meeting in Lisbon, then there are a few things that you need to know about the city itself and the conference hotels Lisbon has.

Information regarding Lisbon

Being the capital of Portugal, Lisbon is the largest and most populous urban city in the country. It is known for its rich history, culture, art and architecture
During the past few decades, Lisbon has seen growth in financial and business sector which has enabled it to become a global city. Many multinationals have opened their headquarters here in Lisbon.
With its growing economy, Lisbon attracts people from business community from around the world to conduct events, meetings and conferences here.
Lisbon Portela Airport is one of the largest international airports in Portugal located at within the city. It is known for being most well-equipped.
Travelling is made easy with Lisbon’s excellent tram, train and motorway system that is spread throughout the city. Public transport system is also excellent and properly functioning.
Other popular destinations besides Lisbon are Madrid or Barcelona.

Why choose conference hotels in Lisbon?

Conference hotels Lisbon offers are 23 in number and most of these are of high quality. Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade is one of the 5 star hotels in Lisbon with 9 conference rooms and state of the art technology.
Hotel Tivoli Lisboa and Hotel The Vintage House – Lisboa are other 5 star hotels that cater to your business meeting needs and preferences in an excellent manner. Latest technologies like Wi-Fi, multi-medias and projectors are available as well.
These hotels amongst many others are a symbol of Lisbon’s premium quality and modern technology. They are all about giving great service to their customers.
Easy travel to and from the hotels, international airport, cultural heritage, festival and other events are all the reasons in favor of conference hotels in Lisbon.

Online reservation of a conference hotel in Lisbon

The 23 conference hotels Lisbon has can easily be reserved online using our website. We are here to facilitate you in every possible way.
You need to start your reservation process by looking into the details of these hotels and select the ones that you like.
After you have made your selection, you need to send in your enquiry and from there we can convey your requirements to the corresponding hotels.
Within a couple of hours, you will receive replies from these hotels and then you can reserve the conference hotel that is most suitable for you.