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Search for the best conference hotels Istanbul has to offer

With the latest technology, you are able to discuss matters via video or phone calls. However these discussions do not yield results as good as face-to-face meetings and conferences. The best place to conduct head-on meetings and conferences are conference hotels where you have the technology, atmosphere and service suitable to discuss matters in a better way. We, at, facilitate our clients by offering them a platform to search for the best conference hotels available around the world. If Istanbul grabs your attention as a prospective venue for your conference, then we are pleased to help you out in finding the best conference hotels Istanbul has to offer. Here are some facts about Istanbul that can give you more insight about the city.


Information regarding Istanbul

Being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is the hub of business, ecommerce, arts and architecture, culture and heritage. Istanbul connects Asia and Europe due to its strategic positioning. Located along the Silk Road, Istanbul is a privileged city with global connections.Many Turkish companies have laid their foundations here in Istanbul. With these companies performing here, the city has become a flourishing economy. Istanbul is famous for its rich cultural heritage as it has quite a few museums, art galleries and ancient buildings. International Istanbul Film Festival is one of the attractions here.As far as the transportation is considered, Istanbul has a well-built and a sizeable amount of public transport including metro line, trams, buses etc.

Other popular destinations besides Istanbul are Dubai or Budapest.

Why choose conference hotels in Istanbul?

Conference hotels Istanbul offers are most suitable for your conference and meetings as they are furnished with top-quality equipment and amenities. Their conference rooms can be adjusted according to the theme of your conference in order to provide you with a perfect platform and ambience. These hotels have a lot of capacity so that whether your conference is at a larger scale or it’s a smaller gathering, you can easily accommodate your guests. Latest equipment including Wi-Fi technology, multimedia, audio system and microphones are provided to you. The staff is all the more helpful and supportive. In case of an issue or an emergency, you will not be left clueless as their professionals will immediately come to help you out. Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul and Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Pera are 2 of the 5 star conference hotels Istanbul has. They are known for their services. Your stay at these hotels is made comfortable with their first-class services. There are many post-conference activities and events going on year round that you can attend.

Online reservation of a conference hotel in Istanbul

At our website, you can search for the ideal conference hotels Istanbul has to offer. There are 34 conference hotels that you can look into. The details are provided for each hotel. After you have made a list of your alternative options you can send in your queries which we will forward to the respective hotels via our website. Within a short time, people from these hotels will get back to you. After carefully looking at the offers, you can choose one and get a conference hotel booked for your meeting online!